The history.

According to information from BMW, my 1802 was produced on 19 May 1972 as one of 52437 cars of this series with the significant, round taillights. Seven years later it was purchased by my parents as a used car with 99,950 km. As a second car it obediently did his service in city traffic. Although it was driven only 5000km per year, time and the short distance driving weared down the BMW.

The beginning.

Even before I had a driver license, I repaired quite often rust dents and performed minor repairs. I then used the car together with my parents for a few years, 1989 I took the BMW from my parents and restored piece by piece over the years.

The skills required to do so I've acquired with the help of many books and learning-by-doing. Internet was not existing in this time, so knowledge was passed at BMW meetings face-to-face instead of forums and online chats.

The restoration.

Countless hours of work had to be invested to bring my BMW in the present state. Every owner of a self-restored classic car can easily understand. The car should remain original (no tuning or something like this), however, I added some contemporary extras.

I upgraded shock absorbers to gas pressure types (sport model) and front / rear suspension stabilizers, which were series equipment for the BMW 2002 model only . Instead of the standard 165SR13 tires I have the slightly wider 185/70HR13 mounted on the 5-inch steel wheels of the "ti" model. Additional chromed headlights make the look sportier and enlighten even the darkest night as bright as day. Instead of the standard clock the, as optional equipment offered, rev counter was installed. Additional contemporary VDO round instruments provide information on the battery charge level, oil pressure and temperature. Retrofitted automatic belts enhance the safety of passengers in the rear, all the mounting points were already prepared from the factory.

The sheer driving pleasure.

Thanks to the mechanical sliding roof summer trips become a real outdoor experience. The excellent chassis, the short gearing ratio of the gearboxe and, based on the weight of only 970kg, sufficient power of 90PS makes driving, especially on small, winding country roads, to a pure pleasure.

The layout of the body with the small pillars is exemplary. A car magazine ran the headline in the car comparison between a BMW 2002tii and BMW 130i on the 02er: "People who live in glass houses do not need electronic parking aid".